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To succeed in your BtoB campaign, you need a solid prospecting plan. Here are the steps to follow.

The quality of your prospecting emails determines a large part of the success of your campaigns. Here are 7 phrases to avoid.

Discover our complete guide to understand what a marketing automation tool is for and how to use it in BtoB.

Discover 5 examples of effective wokflow and how to implement them in a marketing automation strategy.

Magileads allows you to target candidates and recruit the right profiles without wasting time.

For a better return on your marketing efforts, Magileads advises you to opt for the Account Based Marketing method.

To run a successful customer loyalty campaign, you need to apply these six essential techniques.

There are different types of targeting. Discover them to make your strategy much more relevant.

Companies can use indirect sales to sell their products or services on the market. Concretely, it is a sales channel maintained through a network of partners (Prescribers, Distributors, Integrators, etc.). The idea is therefore to FAIRE-FAIRE: to be represented, to sell and to have realized the services associated with your offer. To this end, the …

What is a Partner Relationship Management (PRM)? Read More »

The budget allocated to marketing has decreased overall. Therefore, here are some practical tips to optimize it in 2022.

Our blog, intended for marketers, freelancers, entrepreneurs and project leaders, provides you with articles on all aspects of digital marketing.

Inbound and outbound marketing is a vast, evolving and sometimes complex strategy.

Our blog offers practical and free guides on how to generate traffic, improve your Google Ads campaigns, prospect on LinkedIn or optimize your company’s visibility on the web.

The perfect place if you’re just starting out in web marketing or if you want to hone your skills in a specific digital domain.

New articles are published regularly to take full advantage of the marketing tools essential to your blog

The articles are written by our qualified experts in their field. Advice, techniques and information are therefore provided by experts!

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